How To Have The Perfect Luminous Skin Without Makeup!

Lately in the beauty industry it’s been all about the SKIN!!! By looking at all the Insta-babes, the Kardashians and the beauty Guru on You Tube, we all want that perfect luminous skin.

Don’t be scared, it is not that hard! Let me share my professional secrets and tell you all about my 5 staples products to achieve that look!

STEP 1 – Toning the skin


Toning the skin is MANDATORY in order to have a good base. Generally speaking, toner is a water-based liquid with a consistency like water that contains active ingredients to help address specific issues. Not only does it remove debris like oil and traces of makeup, but it soothes, repairs, and smooths the skin’s surface—diminishing blemishes and minimizing signs of redness and inflammation.

It will also remove all the dead cells and will help balance the PH of your skin, which means it will help balance your skin type.



After cleansing your skin, pour two to three drops onto a cotton pad—this works best because it doesn’t absorb too much of the liquid and easily transfers product to your face. Make sure you get enough product on the cotton pad so that it feels damp but not too wet so that you’re wasting the liquid. Smooth a small amount across your face, neck, and décolletage, adding enough pressure to reach deep into your pores but not too much force so as to pull at the skin.



LA ROCHE POSAY, Astringent Lotion Micro Exfoliant. If you have a dryer skin the Soothing Lotion for sensitive skin from LA ROCHE POSAY would be better for you!


STEP 2 – Moisturising Mist


Moisturising Mist! If you want a glowy / luminous skin, make sure your mist contains Glycerine!


Unless the directions on the bottle say otherwise, mist on clean skin morning and night before applying serum or cream. A little moisture on the skin’s surface boosts hydration and helps skin absorb the serum or cream you put on top. When applying the setting spray, always keep 1 arm distance from your face…I personally like to be generous with my spray, so 3-5 spray to cover the face is not too much!


The Too Faced HUNGOVER moisturising mist is ultra moisturising and won’t make your skin oily!!

This super hydrating, multitasking mist can be used as a primer before makeup, a setting spray to keep makeup in place all day, and a mid-day refresher anytime your skin needs a boost, serving as the perfect cure for a beauty hangover. Its unique blend of coconut water, probiotic-based ingredients, and skin revivers work together to hydrate and brighten skin, promote skin’s elasticity and tone, while smoothing skin.


STEP 3 – Moisturiser


Apply your favourite moisturiser all over your face. When you apply a moisturizer to your face, it plumps up the skin and helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also protects the skin on your face from the various effects of weather, like heat and wind. And finally, and possibly most importantly, moisturizer increases the water content of your skin in order to keep it hydrated


Wash your face before applying moisturizer. Before applying moisturizer you should always wash your face and pad it with a towel. Never rub the towel on your face, you will damage your skin. Squeeze the size of a quarter on your hand and gently massage it all over your face and neck. You don’t need to apply your moisturizer under your eye area since you will be putting an eye cream!


I have an oily combination skin, i have dry patches but my skin becomes very oily throughout the day! Therefore my favorite is EFFACLAR MAT from La Roche Posay.








STEP 4 -Eye Cream


The under eye area is a very sensitive skin that needs the proper skin care. By applying an eye cream, your skin will look smoother and you concealer will look more flawless. My FAVORITE eye cream: Dr. Brant Xtend Your Youth. You can find this product at Sephora



1st You will need one pump of product for both of you eyes. Apply the product on your index and massage it with the other one. Starting from the outer corner of your eyes you will dab the eye cream on your skin up to the inner corner of your eyes.

2nd You will massage the eye cream from the outer corner of your eyes to the inner corner and you will apply the excess on your eyebrows!

NEVER apply eye cream on your eyelids for the daytime. Doing this will make your eyeshadows or eye pencil crease!



Dr. Brant Xtend Your Youth. You can find this product at Sephora


STEP 5 – Oil Stick


This step is really for the people that want to be EXTRA!

If you want to create natural beautiful highlights without looking powdery, your can use an essential oil when you are prepping your skin! I absolutely LOVE the MAC COSMETICS essential Oil Stick!



You want to add the essential oil only on specific area of your skin which are the highlights points.

1st Side of your forehead
2nd Bridge of nose
3rd Cheek bones
4th Cupids Bow



Hope these little steps helped you achieve a beautiful luminous skin without wearing makeup!





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