How to apply lashes


Complete your full makeup and make sure to curl your lashes before applying a thin layer of mascara.
Crown Tip
Applying a thin layer of mascara will help the false lashes to have seamless blend with your natural ones.


Using your tweezers, slowly and gently remove a your eyelashes from its box. Mesure your false lashes with the width of your eyes. Deposit the false lashes on your lash line and mesure from the inner corner to the outer corner and cut the excess with a small scissor.
Crown Tip
If you start too close to the inner corner it will irritate your eyes, make sure you start you lash application about 5mm away from your inner corner.

If you have to trim your lashes to fit, remember to do it from the outside edge and don’t cut through the lashes, always cut them at the vein.

To have the most accurate measurement of your falsies, face a mirror, put your chin up and look down in the mirror, it will provide you the best angle.


Grip your first lash at the roots of the fibers using your tweezer. Add a very thin layer of glue on the tip of the eyelash band.
Crown Tip
Make sure you have extra coverage on the ends.


Wait 10 to 15 second for the glue to adhere to the band and the texture to become sticky.
Crown Tip
This step is very important, the false lashes will stick faster and properly, therefore making the application of the lashes much easier.


Chin up, looking down in the mirror, apply your false lashes on the skin as close to the lashes as possible. Glue the outer corner and follow by bringing it all the way up to the the inner corner. (repeat the same on the other eye)
Crown Tip
Once the application is complete, squeeze your natural lashes with the false lashes with the tweezer. Do 3 pressure point, outer corner, middle part and inner corner. It will mix them together and it will create a fuller more natural look. (We strongly suggest to not add any layer of mascara on the falsies, you will be able to maintain them longer this way.)


Your look is complete,

enjoy your Crown Lashes !
Crown Tip
If you want to create more uplift with your lashes, finish by gently pushing against the lashes at the edge of the inner lash line.